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Schedule of Pilates Classes - Monthly

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Class prices: Single Mat Class = $20, Package of 4 = $72/month.  Single Reformer Class = $30, Package of 4 = $112/month

          8:00 am
  11:00 am
Trainee Reformer
12:00 noon
Reformer II/III
12:00 noon
Mat V
  12:00 noon
Teacher's Workshop
  2:00 pm
Reformer IV/V

Classes are available on a limited basis; please call PISC at (310) 545-4511 to sign up.
As a studio owner for the last several years and with the Pilates Institute of Southern California's training program filtrating instructors into the local community, our primary focus for classes is to service our teachers and private clients. To ensure a spot in a class, we suggest clients sign-up for a class at the beginning of each month; otherwise, please call the studio for space availability before dropping-in on a class. Classes are four weeks long, with no make-up weeks. Payment is due at the beginning of the month.

Be sure to call our voicemail at (310) 545-4511 to reserve space and check for class cancellations. Clients are subject to a 24 hour cancellation to avoid a charge.

Mat Class Descriptions

Mat Level II/III
This class is designed to accommodate all Pilates clients. From the beginner to intermediate, this class continues working on fundamentals, low repetitions and an abundance of exercises. It will stimulate the nervous system because of its constant pace, but our staff is capable of modifying each and every exercise for the beginner without loosing the attention of our intermediate clients. All are welcome! <back to schedule>

This class is offered on Saturday and has had a regular attendance from our clients for quite some time. We offer this class to all our clients. Our continuing-clients ask that you keep up with them, work deep, work hard and sweat! Our staff will help those of you who have not had as much Pilates experience but will keep the pace constant so as not to keep the ladies waiting. <back to schedule>

Mat Level IV/V (Advanced)
All teachers are welcome to attend this class, as may clients with approval from our staff. We feel that all mat classes are safe enough for any client, but the inability to move strongly using “fundamentals” could only hurt our clients and we feel this would be a disservice. We strongly urge our clients who have not had permission to attend this class to please find another. <back to schedule>

Reformer Class Descriptions

Reformer II
This is a brand new class for anyone, designed to give the client a taste of everything. We will work the first quarter hour on "fundamentals," the second quarter on Mat exercises and the last half hour on the Reformer. This is a slow moving, breath facilitating, fundamental executing class. It's an opportunity to hone-in on the basics, so if you have forgotten how to do Pilates from your 'powerhouse' or are just starting Pilates, this class is for you. Space is limited to five (5) clients. <back to schedule>

Reformer IV
This class is a highly-motivated and fast-paced. Clients may attend this class ONLY with permission from a staff member. This class is geared for clients who have taken Pilates for four or more years, teachers and trainees. To prevent injury, this class is for seasoned clients only! <back to schedule>

Trainee Reformer / Instructor
Since we have limited space in these classes on Saturday, please sign up accordingly. All instructors from around town and out of town are welcome - call for availability. <back to schedule>

*Cancellations: Our staff has committed to teach each and every class for our current schedule. Except for illnesses or emergencies, our classes will always be covered. Please check our voice mail daily for any necessary changes.

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